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“Your help and support was very much appreciated. It was our pleasure to meet and talk to you in person. Your warm-welcoming touched our heart. My husband and I want to thank you for everything you have done for us. If you’re interested, I will let you know about the feedback from Dupuis.”

– Dina and Ahmad


“I was in to see (Carla) today for an insurance appraisal and just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what a fantastic experience we had. You were personable, professional and very knowledgable. I thought it was great that you let my two year old play with some antique toys to keep her happy while you worked! My insurance carrier is very pleased with the detailed appraisal information, as am I. I also had my engagment ring and wedding band cleaned while we were there and I have not seen them this shiny and gorgeous since they were brand new! I keep showing them to my husband and bragging about how sparkly and wonderful they look!! I will defintely be recommending Beck Gemmological Laboratory to everyone I know 🙂

A sincere thank you.”

– Andrea Ransome


“This past month I purchased a 4.31 carat cushion cut “AAA” tanzanite 7 diamond ring. I wanted to get the ring appraised for insurance purposes and so I took it to my local jeweler and they were unable to conclusively identify the stone as tanzanite. I then took it to another appraiser and they were also unable to identify the stone. I looked up on the internet and found Beck Gold & Diamond Brokers. I called and was able to get an appointment that afternoon. I met with Carla Beck the gemmologist and she worked on the ring and stone for well over an hour, using various lab machines she was able to identify the stone as fancy tanzanite. She checked out the whole ring and found out it was missing a diamond, so I had her replace the diamond and size the ring for me. It was ready for the next afternoon at a very reasonable price. My husband picked up the ring and was surprised to see all the military artifacts and jewellery they have for sale. All in all it was a very enjoyable experience and I would recommend Beck’s for anyone looking for an appraisal or just to purchase jewellery. I am definitely telling my family and friends. You should check them out.”

– Katherine W.


“We were comfortable and professional. The appraisal value was right on target to what we paid and researched. Alberta has sunk into an economy lacking customer service priorities. Our experiences with you exceeded exceptional and we appreciate it. There was a white gold wedding set with 3 round diamonds set into the band and another 3 round ones in the engagement. How much are you selling that for?

We will surely be back and enjoyed the appointment. Thank you.”

– Jennifer Patchett