Professional Gemmologist Services

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Need some advice on a particular stone or the market in general? We can help. Our knowledge on how and where to shop can save you thousands. Our knowledge on what to look for will ensure you get the stone that’s right for you.  This is one of our most popular professional gemmologist services.



When you need to know what it’s worth, do what insurance underwriters, claims adjusters, and estate administrators do. Before buying or selling call Beck Gemmological Laboratory. All appraisals of diamonds, watches, gemstones and other jewellery are done while you watch. All testing is explained. It’s fun and informative.



In weighing the expert testimony of an appraiser, the court considers the appraiser’s demonstrated qualifications to form an opinion, the appraiser’s relationship and prior dealings with the petitioner, the appraiser’s selections of the comparative sales, the appraiser’s familiarity with the contributed material. Hiring the experienced staff or associates of Just Appraisers will ensure that your expert witness meets the qualifications, professionalism, and impartiality that the court demands while providing a comprehensive, fact-based appraisal.



The examination of precious gems, jewellery and other objects of art for insurance claim purposes is a specialty of our lab. This includes any post-loss examinations to assess the cause of damage or loss; the alteration of the materials and structure of the work(s) involved and conservation or restoration options. Beck Gemmological Laboratory can direct the scientific investigation of gem materials and objects of art as well. The use of the most modern equipment can be accessed through our associated facilities. This includes detection of treatment, material analysis, and dating. We will prepare a summary report that will document all our research including a conservation report for your properties as well as any recommendations we have for further treatment, if possible.


Estate Appraisal Services


Our in-house laboratory is second to none in Alberta. We have the most up-to-date equipment and technology to offer you the most detailed appraisal.


With a slimmed down version of our in-house laboratory, we can travel and offer the convenience of off-site analysis.

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