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We need to see the items to give you an accurate appraisal.  Some rings have hundreds of small stones that take longer than a ring with just a single small stone.  A  consultation starts at $50.00.

On average a ring appraisal is $85.00 plus tax.  A ring with a diamond over 1ct can start at $165.00.

  • Consultation

A 20-minute consultation is only $40.00

Consultations include, but are not limited to:

  • Verifying reports, other appraisals.
  • Verifying if stones are natural, synthetic, or treated.
  • Verifying size and/or quality of stones.
  • Fees for consultation will be discussed up front and before any work has begun. 


Once you have booked your appraisal, it is important that you bring in any past appraisals, receipts of purchase, and lab reports (GIA, EGL, etc.) if you have them. Past appraisals can help to see if there has been any damage or wear since the time of the previous appraisal was performed (worn claws, chipped stones, etc.). We will append your receipts and lab reports to your appraisal. Having the receipts and lab reports backs up your appraisal, and provides thorough information for your insurance company in the event of loss or damage.


Beck Gemmological Laboratory provides jewellery appraisals that meet the Jewellers Vigilance Canada jewellery appraisal guidelines – minimum acceptable standards. – View as PDF


The majority of appraisals can be done while you wait, and take approximately 20 – 30 minutes. Multiple items or antique jewellery may take longer; arrangements will be made on a case-by-case basis.


The jewellery described will be analyzed and graded in accordance with prescribed grading standards using “state of the art” methods and precision laboratory equipment.

Jewellery constructed solely of, or in combination with, precious metals (i.e. platinum, palladium, yellow or white gold and/or silver) is tested, analyzed and described for its type and content of such metal. Unless otherwise stated, all gemstone weights, grades and measurements are approximate and stones have not been removed from their mountings.

Diamonds are graded with the prescribed grading nomenclature of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the use of pre-graded permanent master diamond color comparison stones.

Sources are assumed to be reliable and the appraiser does not assume responsibility for their information.

The appraiser assumes the ownership of the subject property is true as stated by the client.

The fees paid for this appraisal do not include the services of the appraiser for any other matter. In particular, fees paid to date do not include any of the appraiser’s time or services in connection with any statement, testimony or other matters before an insurance company, its agents, employees or any court or other body in connection with the property herein described.

If the appraiser is required to testify or to make any statements to a third party concerning the described property and/or appraisal, the applicant shall pay the appraiser for all of such time and services so rendered.

Documents are limited to their stated intended use and are invalid if all items listed in the Table of Contents are not present.

Unless expressly stated, the items appraised are in good condition. Any serious deficiencies and repairs are noted. Ordinary wear and tear is not noted.

The appraisal process does not discover liens, encumbrances, or fractional interests but, if known, they are noted.

The limited owner of the appraisal is the party for whom the work was performed.

Use of the information contained in the appraisal is invalid if all items listed in the Table of Contents are not present.

Each item described in the report will be photographed and file copies of the photograph(s) as well as a copy of the report are maintained in the appraiser’s files for at least five years after the report date.

Third parties may rely on the information in this report for the defined purpose and intended use only. Third parties requiring further information than what is in the report must obtain the written permission of the owner of the appraisal before the appraiser will discuss the report.

No changes may be made to the report by anyone other than the appraiser. The appraiser cannot be responsible for unauthorized alterations.

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