Appraisal Appointments

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Appraisal Appointments Appraisal bookings

With Beck Gemmolocal Laboratory, appraisal appointments are easy.  Simple call our gemmollogy office and our staff and can set up a personal appraisal appointment with one of our Gemmologists.

Carla Kitkoski is one of Canada’s leading gemmologists and the head of our gemology department.  Carla loves to do appraisals with customers who are interested in gemmology.  Having an appraisal done while you wait is fun and interesting.  Carla can explain what science and technology that she is using to unravel the mysteries of your object.  Carla is the head of Beck Gemmological Laboratory. She specializes in antique and historical jewellery and watches.  Carla has done appraisals for many of Canada’s top museums and all levels of government.

Call now to book an appraisal appointment to have Carla examine your jewellery, treasures and gems at our 50th st location.  We also have drop off service at our downtown store location on 124st.

Beck Appraisal Appointments