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Our head gemmologist is Sophie Zhang, Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association, and Certified Appraisal Professional from the Canadian Jewellers Association.  Beck Gemmological Laboratory provides jewelry appraisals that meet the Jewelers Vigilance Canada Jewelry Appraisal Guidelines.  Our appraisals are acceptable to all insurance companies.  We also provide estate jewellery appraisal services.

Beck Gemmological Appraisals

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Tuesday To Saturday 9am – 5pm

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Beck Gemmological Appraisals

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Beck Gemmological Appraisals

Beck Gemmological Laboratory has received the highest level of standards represented by the Canadian Jewellers Association for an appraisal service.

Beck Gemmological Appraisals


We only have state-of-the-art equipment to grade, appraise and value diamonds, gems and jewellery. From high powered microscopes to lighting that mimics the sun, with any great laboratory, you need the top tools to examine top specimens.

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