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Binocular Microscope
- 10x to 160x
- Müller optics
- Used to view the internal and external features in gemstones
Electronic Scale
- Ohaus carat series
- Measures to the thousandth of a gram/carat
10x Loupe
- Used for the initial examination of gems and jewellery
Electronic Metals Tester
- Tri electronics GXL-24 PRO
- Tests 6 to 24 karat gold
- Platinum
- Used to determine the purity of gold
Proportion Scope
- Krüss proportion scope
- Provides measurements for all angles and facets of diamonds
- Used to cut grade diamonds
- Two crossed polarised filters
- Allows viewing of pleochroic colours in some coloured gemstones
- Used for gemstone identification
- Measures the gemstones' refractive index
- Gemstones have relatively unique refractive indexes
- Used for gemstone identification
Chelsea Colour Filter
- Mainly for red and green gemstones
- Used as an indicator of chromium
Ultraviolet Light
- Longwave 365nm wavelength
- Shortwave 254nm wavelength
- Used to view fluorescent/phosphorescent reactions
UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer
- Directs beams of light at a gemstone and collects data
- Shows absorption and transmission of wavelengths from 200nm to 1100nm
- Used for gemstone identification and identification for treatments carried out on gemstones
Digital Stone Gauge
- Presidium digital gauge
- Used to take measurements of gemstones
- Used for weight estimation of stones that are in settings
Diamond Tester
- Tests thermal and electrical resistance of stones
- Used to detect diamond, CZ, moissanite and other diamond imitations
Fibre Optic Light Source
- Used for cold light illumination
- Meija techno FL-150
- For viewing the absorption/transmission of light through gemstones
- Visible light 400nm to 700nm
- Used to determine what crystal system a gemstone belongs to
- Two polarised filters are crossed and the stone is put in between
- Used for gemstone identification
Heavy Liquids
- Methylene Iodide
- Used to increase visibility into gemstones
- Used to guestimate specific gravity of loose gemstones
Specific Gravity Kit
- Loose gemstones only
-Finds the specific gravity (mass) of gemstones
- Each type of gemstone has a relatively unique specific gravity
- Used for gemstone identification
Daylight Equivalent Light Source
- Used to colour grade gemstones and for general inspection
Colour-graded Master Diamonds
- GIA certified diamond colour masters
- Used to colour grade diamonds
Coloured gemstone descriptive system
- GemeSquare colour communication system